Don't Forget Orange County's Bus Riders

by Patrick Foote

Organizer with Central Florida Jobs With Justice and TRU

Riding the bus is a part-­‐time job in Central Florida. A 2011 study put out by the
Brookings Institute ranked the Orlando Metro area as number 83 of the top 100
metro areas in the country in terms of being able to get to work in a timely manner. 

Working Together to Strengthen America

by Khurrum Wahid

Emerge USA

As the summer of 2014 begins, we at Emerge USA take a moment to reflect on the legacy of the American summer of 1964. Exactly 50 years ago, a generation of young people set out to change history—and in so doing confront the most grotesque form of inequality in America. In the hot, moist and menacing Summer of 1964, a group of young Americans embarked on a project to register as many African Americans as voters in the state of Mississippi. This group of young idealists embarked on what is now known as Freedom Summer. By the time the summer of 1964 ...

If you're as busy as a small business owner, vote by mail

by Brook Hines

Director Main Street Alliance - Florida

Let's face it, we're all incredibly busy and it's easy to run out of time for important things like voting. Voting by mail, also known as voting absentee, is by far the easiest, best way to vote for busy people. It’s like having democracy delivered to your door.
When you vote by mail, your vote is counted first and 
it’s reported. So you know it’s secure.


No one is guaranteed success in America, but everyone deserves a fair shot to succeed. And we need policies that provide everyone an opportunity to get ahead. It’s long overdue that we face the reality women and families see every day and provide common sense solutions to help families get ahead, not just get by.

What makes a city great? Interstates? Traffic jams? Speed traps? 

No, silly! It's walking to your favorite eatery, your school and your place of worship. But don't try that in Orlando. It could be deadly. 

Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer's assault on citizen participation in government continues. Don't miss Billy Manes' latest on the POWER GRAB. 

Here's the latest from Orlando Weekly's Billy Manes, on the new, bite-sized POWER GRAB:

Orange County Board of County Commissioners – via fading clown Commissioner Fred Brummer – went ahead and resurrected its attempt at a charter amendment to ruin democracy, only this time in smaller, more digestible chunks. ... Anyway, the student council – er, county commission – wasn’t having any of it, because basically Brummer was pulling a giant and obvious Republican power grab and trying to force a special election in May which didn’t make any sense at all. 

But, like most poisonous meals, this one has come back up in chunks.